Bet88 Boom Legend: Kill Monsters for Maximum Multiplier of 800x

boom legend

Are you fond of online fishing games but want something new in the gameplay? Then you are at the right place. Bet88 offers a unique and engaging fishing game which is Boom Legend. This is different from other fishing games as the fish are replaced by menacing monsters. Players need to take down these to win lucrative rewards. So, are you ready and excited to play this different game? Then come and join us on Bet88 as we dive into the excitement of thrilling fishing games. Let’s discuss more about the game features and other things.

What is Boom Legend Fishing Game

what is boom legend fishing game

This is another thrilling and captivating fishing game from JILI Gaming. Players who love hunting monsters will surely like this game a lot. The unique feature of this game is to break the monotony of the fishing games and hence JILI Games introduced monsters to make it more exciting, entertaining and engaging for players. So, register at Bet88 and engage in thrilling battles and win lucrative rewards.

How to Play Boom Legend Fishing Game

how to play boom legend fishing game

Before playing this game, learn to master the game on Bet88 with these quick steps:

  1. Game Concept: This game offers a twist on traditional fish shooting games, with players hunting menacing monsters for a thrilling experience.
  2. Place Bets and Set Paylines: Adjust your bet to fit your budget, considering higher bets for more significant rewards. Customize paylines for potential winning combinations, and check the paytable for monster-specific bonuses.
  3. Spin Reels: Unleash your monster-hunting skills by spinning the reels. Aim with precision to defeat monsters and earn rewards. Target Octopus Heads & Arms to fill the Rage Bar for a chance at a maximum 800X multiplier.
  4. Maximize Energy with Lightning Spear: Accumulate energy by shooting monsters and activate the Lightning Spear when the bar is full. Enjoy the immersive gameplay, special weapons, and exciting bonus features this game offers on Bet88. Join the adventure now!

Features of Boom Legend Fishing Game

features of boom legend fishing game

Explore the diverse game features in Boom Legend Fishing on Bet88:

  1. Goblin Bomber: Defeat the Goblin Bomber to drop a bomb, creating opportunities for additional wins as monsters in the blast radius may be pushed back.
  2. Medusa: After defeating Medusa, her petrifying gaze activates Medusa’s Eye, petrifying and damaging monsters within its zone for increased rewards.
  3. Black Knight: Defeat the Black Knight strategically by utilizing the Blade Aura to attack the damage zone and triumph over this formidable foe.
  4. Rocket Punch: Activate the Rocket Punch to launch a powerful fist, penetrating and pushing back monsters, leading to multiple wins and increased payouts.
  5. Mystery Chest: Open the Mystery Box to receive either a Rocket Punch or Mines, providing tactical advantages to tailor your strategy.
  6. Mines: Strategically place mines on the map to cause significant damage to monsters within a large area, perfect for clearing clusters and earning substantial rewards.
  7. Axe: Deducting 5X your bet value, the Axe delivers a powerful attack on the targeted monster, increasing your chances of victory and winnings.
  8. Hammer: Deducting 15X of your bet value, the Hammer hurls lightning at the targeted monster and may strike others, boosting your rewards. Explore these features on Bet88 for an exciting gaming experience!

Tips to Win at Boom Legend

5 tips to win at boom legend

Maximize your success in this game on Bet88 with these 5 essential tips:

  • Understand Game Mechanics: Familiarize yourself with the game mechanics outlined in our “How to Play Boom Legend Fishing Game” guide on Bet88. Know the rules, bet placements, and special features for a solid foundation.
  • Master Special Weapons: Utilize special weapons like Rocket Punch, Mystery Chest, Mines, Axe, and Hammer. Each offers unique abilities to efficiently defeat monsters and maximize rewards in Boom Legend Fishing.
  • Target Special Monsters: Pay attention to special monsters like Goblin Bomber, Medusa, and Black Knight. Defeating them provides additional advantages, such as pushing back monsters, petrifying enemies, or causing damage in specific zones.
  • Manage Energy Bar: Accumulate energy by shooting monsters to fill up your energy bar. Unleash the powerful Lightning Spear once fully charged for devastating effects in Boom Legend Fishing on Bet88.
  • Strategize Bet Placement: Adjust your bet value strategically based on your budget and risk tolerance. Higher bets increase the chances of landing larger bonuses and rewards but manage your bankroll wisely to align with your gaming strategy. Enjoy your fishing adventure!


The game features special weapons like Rocket Punch, Mystery Chest, Mines, Axe, and Hammer. Utilize them strategically for efficient monster defeat and enhanced rewards.

Accumulate energy by shooting monsters to fill your energy bar. Once fully charged, unleash the powerful Lightning Spear for devastating effects on monsters in the game on Bet88.

Open the Mystery Chest to receive either a Rocket Punch or Mines. Both options provide distinct tactical advantages, allowing you to tailor your strategy to the current gameplay situation.


Boom Legend on Bet88 delivers an explosive and thrilling gaming experience, combining strategic elements with exciting monster-hunting action. With an array of special weapons, unique monsters, and strategic features like Medusa’s gaze and the Black Knight’s Blade Aura, every session promises excitement and rewards. Whether you’re unleashing the powerful Rocket Punch or strategically placing Mines, this game offers a dynamic adventure for players seeking adrenaline-pumping gameplay. Dive into the world of explosive wins and strategic victories with Boom Legend on Bet88. Download the Bet88 app now!

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