Bet88 Mega Fishing: Experience the Ultimate Underwater Thrill and Win Big

mega fishing

Are you an underwater freak or love playing games in the ocean? Then you must try Bet88 fishing games. We offer exciting and rewarding fishing games with engaging gameplay, realistic visuals and sound effects for players’ convenience. One such game is Mega Fishing from one of the best gaming providers JILI Games due to its high RTP of 97.7%. Let’s dive more into its details and enjoy some of the best gaming features in this game at Bet88. Stick around and scroll down to know more on this page.

What is Mega Fishing

what is mega fishing

Mega Fishing is a classic fishing game from one of the finest gaming providers JILI Gaming. In this game, you need to shoot and kill fish of various species along with three other competitive players. The two big fish Mega Octopus and Giant Saltwater Crocodile are the x-factors in this game. The weapons are also added in this game apart from normal canons which include torpedos, rail guns and thunderbolts. So, load your guns, aim the target and win an exciting 950x multiplier to get unlimited cash rewards.

How to Play Mega Fishing 

how to play mega fishing

Playing this game is quite easy and simple. You should first understand the basic concepts and what to do in the game. The following important things will help you in playing the game.

  • Game Mechanics: You have to shoot with weapons and kill the underwater creatures and win rewards.
  • System Settings: The game allows you to control the sound, game speed, enable or disable visual effects, etc according to your convenience.
  • Bet Adjustment: It will allow you to change your bet amount. You can increase or decrease the bet size based on your balance in the account and affordability. Never try to chase losses and bet excessively beyond your limits and hence follow the responsible gambling methods for safe gambling.
  • Autoplay Feature: This will allow you to play the game automatically without spinning. Hence, you can sit back and enjoy the game without clicking on the spin button again and again as it will play by itself.
  • Set Paylines: You can activate the number of paylines for winning combinations. More number of paylines means more winnings but you always gamble safely and don’t bet beyond your limits.
  • Spin the Reels: Once you are set with the aforementioned points, you can start spinning the reels and shoot fish of your choice and win rewards.

Features of Mega Fishing

features of mega fishing

Mega Fishing has some exciting and unique game features including the creatures. Let’s talk about them in detail:

Special Fish

Keep an eye on various kinds of special fish for rewards. There are mainly three special fish Starfish, Drill Crab and Bomb Crab. The features of these three kinds of fish are as follows;

  • Starfish: They create a whirlpool after its death which can hold or trap other fish for easy targets. Players can target the trapped fish for high rewards. 
  • Bomb Crab: They can release three explosive bombs which can explode other fish in one go. Players can utilize it to kill more fish easily.
  • Drill Crab: They drop a drill that bounces anywhere and can explode and cause damage to nearby fish whenever they hit them. 

Giant Fish and Immortal Boss

You can defeat the giant fish and increase your earnings up to 5 times and you can win substantial rewards. The immortal boss is another good challenge but can come up with huge rewards. When you continuously hit them, they can retreat and you can win amazing rewards. If the boss eliminates more number of fish, the more you can claim rewards. 

Mega Octopus Wheel and Golden Wheel

The mega octopus wheel occurs when you defeat the octopus and now you have the chance to spin this wheel. In this wheel, every spin is associated with multipliers. Hence, when you spin and stop, you will be awarded with huge multipliers. However, the excitement rises when you spin and it stops and you land on the ‘Golden Wheel’. When you get a chance to spin the ‘Golden Wheel’, you have the chance to win the 950x multiplier. This multiplier can significantly boost your winnings. 

Tips to Win at Mega Fishing

tips to win at mega fishing

Here are 5 concise tips to boost your success in Mega Fishing at Bet88:

  1. Master the Basics: Understand game mechanics, including paytables and special features. Review the guide on “How to Play Mega Fishing” for a solid foundation.
  2. Target High-Value Fish: Prioritize shooting high-value fish like Golden Goldfish for maximum rewards. Refer to the paytable to identify lucrative targets.
  3. Exploit Special Attacks: Strategically use weapons like torpedoes and railguns. Leverage the unique abilities of special fish and seize opportunities to spin bonus wheels for multipliers.
  4. Manage Energy and Thunderbolt: Accumulate energy by shooting fish and unleashing powerful thunderbolts strategically. Plan usage considering the energy proportionate to your bet.
  5. Choose the Right Room: Opt for a room that aligns with your skill level and risk tolerance. The Joy Room balances excitement and potential rewards, enhancing your winning chances.


To play Mega Fishing, navigate to the gaming section on Bet88, select Mega Fishing, set your bets and paylines, and start shooting fish to win rewards.

Accumulate energy by shooting fish, and when the energy is full, unleash a powerful thunderbolt. Use it strategically to clear swarms of fish or target high-value fish. Note that energy is proportionate to your bet.

To improve your winning chances, focus on targeting high-value fish, utilizing special attacks wisely, managing your energy efficiently, and choosing the right room that aligns with your skill level and preferences.


Mega Fishing is an exciting and rewarding fishing game from JILI Games. The captivating gameplay, immersive sound effects, high-quality visuals and lucrative rewards and multipliers make the game thrilling and engaging for players. So, don’t miss this action! Register on Bet88 today and place your bets to win exciting bonuses and cash rewards. Download the Bet88 app now!

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