Bet88 Royal Fishing: Play for Aquatic Treasures and Big Multipliers

royal fishing

Do you love finding deep-sea treasures and prizes? Then your search is over. You must have read our fishing games page and other top fishing games posts. Stick around here as we add another one to the collection. Bet88 offers super exciting Royal Fishing where the name itself suggests that it consists of royal rewards for you in its bag. The RTP of the game is 97% which is good and hence players can earn amazing bonuses, rewards and big multipliers. Want to play this game? Then join us on this adventurous journey through marine life. Let’s explore more about the game and its various features.

What is Royal Fishing

what is royal fishing

This is another highly rewarding and engaging fishing game from JILI Gaming. It is not just a simple fun shooting game to kill fish but also an engaging and thrilling game with its hidden underwater treasures and hence players can earn huge rewards. This game can be played with 4 players and you can choose from 4 different rooms which we will cover later in this article. So, dive into the excitement to enjoy a user-friendly interface with seamless gameplay and high-quality audio and video effects.

How to Play Royal Fishing at Bet88

how to play royal fishing at bet88

Before getting started, let’s focus on some important terms related to this game which are as follows:

  • Choosing Weapons: This is quite important as players need to make good choices based on their skill. The more you kill large fish, the more you get rewards. Different guns have different firepower and range.
  • Autoshoot: This allows you to shoot the kill automatically without actually targeting them. This feature enables guns to lock the targeted fish and kill it.
  • Adjust Bets: Now adjust your bet range based on your affordability or funds balance. Do not bet more than your limits and follow the responsible gambling methods to gamble safely.
  • Set paylines: Now place your bets and set paylines for maximum winnings. 

Game Rooms

This game provides 4 different game rooms based on difficulty level, bet range and rewards.

  • Ecstasy Room: This is ideal for beginners to practice and enjoy the gameplay. The betting range lies between 0.1 to 10.
  • King’s Room: This is for those players who want substantial rewards and high-stakes gaming. The bet range lies between 1 to 80.
  • Qianlong Room: This is for seasoned players who love big challenges. The bet range lies between 10 to 100.
  • VIP Room: This is for VIP users only and they enjoy unmatched offers and rewards.

Features of Royal Fishing 

features of royal fishing

This game consists of multiple features that engage players of all kinds. Let’s explore each one of them in detail:

  • Lobster Explosions: When you kill a fish with a Lobster, an explosion occurs followed by a chain reaction which can kill other fish in its hitting range. This can maximize your winnings.
  • Lightning Lobster: It allows you to fire unlimited bullets but for just 15 sec. Hence, it provides free ammo for maximum kills and big rewards.
  • Shocking Lightning Chain: You receive this when you successfully eliminate your targets. This allows you to shock the nearby or close fish which leads to catching more fish.
  • Explosive Crab: This explosive element can set off a large explosion and hence capture a large number of fish in its range.
  • Immortal Bosses: As the name suggests, these creatures cannot be killed. There are two main bosses in this game which are Golden Toad and Ancient Crocodile. You can win continuous rewards by hitting them again and again until they retreat or go back from the screen.
  • Ice Phoenix: When you defeat various bosses in the game, this unlocks the awakening Ice Phoenix. This can unleash an awakening attack to give you significant victories.
  • Chainlong King Wheel: This wheel occurs when you capture the Chainlong King. You can set the multiplier rate on the wheel before you spin it. When the number of outside circles aligns with the inner circle, your multiplier reaches to 350x your initial bet.
  • Dragon Wrath: When you shoot through the game, you collect wrath value. Now, when this value reaches its peak you can summon the Dragon Wrath. It causes a meteorite attack at the center of the screen that creates a splash and you can win substantial rewards.

5 Tips to Win at Royal Fishing

5 tips to win at royal fishing

Here are 5 quick tips to elevate your success in Royal Fishing at Bet88:

  1. Master the Basics: Before exploring advanced features, ensure a strong understanding of fundamental mechanics outlined in our “How to Play Royal Fishing” guide.
  2. Leverage Unique Features: Capitalize on exclusive game features like Lobster Explosion, Lightning Lobster, and Lightning Chain. These features are your key to unlocking significant wins.
  3. Choose Your Room Wisely: Optimize your gaming experience by selecting the room that aligns with your skill level and betting preferences. Choose from the Ecstasy Room, King’s Room, Qianlong Room, or VIP Room on Bet88.
  4. Precision Target Selection: Use the Target Lock Function to concentrate your firepower on specific fish. This precise shooting approach enhances your success rates and maximizes rewards.
  5. Efficient Auto Mode: For a more hands-free experience, embrace Auto Mode. Set the number of fish to shoot and your preferred weapon, and let the game handle the rest. Enjoy hassle-free wins on Bet88’s Royal Fishing.


Capitalize on exclusive features like Lobster Explosion, Lightning Lobster, and Lightning Chain, as discussed in the “Game Features of Royal Fishing” section. These features can lead to significant wins.

Yes, Auto Mode is available for a more hands-free experience. Set the number of fish to shoot and your preferred weapon, and let the game handle the rest, providing you with a hassle-free way to accumulate wins.

Set the desired number of fish to shoot and choose your preferred weapon. Auto Mode on Bet88’s Royal Fishing will handle the rest, providing you with a hassle-free and efficient way to accumulate wins.


Bet88 offers the Royal Fishing game with a user-friendly interface, immersive gameplay and big multipliers that can boost your winnings. Some unique features like Chainlong King Wheel and Shocking Lightning Chain are up for providing huge rewards. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into this exciting journey through this game on our platform and start winning. Download the Bet88 app now!

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