Bet88 Terms and Conditions: Understanding Your Gaming Journey

terms and conditions

Have you registered on our platform? Do you want to know how would you have access to various benefits like promotions, offers and bonuses? Then do read this page of terms and conditions revealed by Bet88. Players should read this rulebook for safe, fair and secure gaming and also ensure that they are choosing the right platform to begin their gaming journey. Let’s dive into its details to learn more. Hence, stick around here and scroll down for the below sections.

Agreements Applicability: Your Commitment to Compliance

agreements applicability: your commitment to compliance

When utilizing our services or acknowledging that you’ve read these agreements during registration, you commit to abiding by these agreements. Clicking ‘Submit’ or ‘I Agree’ during software installation or account registration affirms your agreement to comply. Failure to adhere to these agreements may lead to consequences such as disqualification, account closure, fund forfeiture, and potential legal action, as specified further in these agreements. Your understanding and compliance are crucial to maintaining a fair and secure gaming environment.

Terms and Conditions Updates

terms and conditions updates
  • Changes Notification: The casino reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions unilaterally. While we aim to notify players of significant changes via email, we recommend regular visits to this page for any updates.
  • Agreement Modification: The casino retains the right to modify this Agreement at any time, with or without prior notice.
  • Your Agreement: By using our services, you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions. Your understanding of these terms is crucial, and failure to comply may result in consequences detailed in this Agreement.
  • Age and Legal Compliance: You may use our services if you are 21 or older and if it’s legal according to Philippine laws. Proof of age may be requested, and it is your responsibility to comply with applicable laws. Access to services may be restricted in certain territories.

Account Registration and Usage

account registration and usage
  1. Location Restriction: The casino only accepts players located in the Philippines.
  2. Age Restriction: Strictly for adults, the minimal age accepted is 21.
  3. Underage Accounts: Accounts of underage individuals will be suspended. Any transactions made during this period will be void, and winnings forfeited.
  4. Legal Responsibility: It’s solely your responsibility to ensure compliance with relevant laws when participating in games.
  5. Proof of Age: The company reserves the right to ask for proof of age, and access may be limited for those not meeting this requirement.
  6. Account Creation: Open an account by providing accurate information on the registration form. Changes can be made through our 24/7 Chat support. No set-up charges.
  7. Withdrawals: You can request withdrawals at any time, subject to received payments. Withdrawals may be paid via the same method as deposits.

List of Prohibited Individuals

list of prohibited individuals
  1. Public Officials: Elective and appointive officials and employees, whether in career or non-career service, receiving compensation or not.
  2. Armed Forces and Police Members: Members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Philippine National Police.
  3. Minors and Students: Persons under 21 years of age or students in any Philippine school, college, or university.
  4. PAGCOR Officials and Employees: Officials and employees of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).
  5. Gaming Site Operators: Operators and employees of gaming sites.
  6. Unregistered Players: Individuals not registered with the gaming platform.
  7. Banned Individuals: Individuals previously banned from participating.
  8. Family Members: Spouse, common-law partner, children, and parents of officials mentioned in (a), (b), and (d) above.

Forfeiture & Account Closure

forfeiture and account closure

In our discretion, regarding your account and related ESP accounts, we reserve the right to terminate these Agreements, withhold your account balance, suspend your account, and recover affected payouts, bonuses, and winnings if:

  • You are in material breach of any Agreements.
  • You use or attempt to use the Services for fraud, collusion, or unlawful activity.
  • You engage in suspicious activity on other gaming sites.
  • You initiate charge-backs or deny purchases made to your Account.
  • You declare bankruptcy or face analogous proceedings worldwide.


We emphasize the importance of adhering to these guidelines for a fair and secure gaming environment. By participating in our services, users acknowledge and accept the outlined terms, ensuring responsible and enjoyable engagement. The comprehensive terms cover various aspects, including gameplay, bonuses, withdrawals, and user conduct. We encourage users to review these terms regularly, providing a transparent framework for a positive gaming experience at Bet88.