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Do you have card skills and want to show them? How about showing them and making money out of it? Well, it sounds good. Bet88 offers some of the best online casino games on its platform and one such name is live baccarat. This classic card game embarks you on a thrilling journey with live dealers, cards and other accessories. So, join the gaming madness today at Bet88 and start betting on live baccarat. Let’s first talk about various aspects of the game in the below sections.

About Live Baccarat

about live baccarat

Live Baccarat is an online casino game that provides players with an immersive and interactive experience by incorporating live dealers into the gameplay. In this game, real human dealers manage the cards and interact with players in real time through a live video stream. Players can place bets on different outcomes, such as the “Player” or “Banker” winning or a “Tie” between them. 

Why Play Live Baccarat at Bet88

why play live baccarat at bet88

Experience the best of live baccarat on Bet88. The main reasons are listed below:

  1. PAGCOR-Certified: Bet88 proudly holds certification from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), ensuring a trustworthy and regulated gaming environment. Players can have confidence in the platform’s adherence to industry standards and fair play.
  2. Safe and Secure: As a PAGCOR-certified platform, Bet88 prioritizes the safety and security of its players. Robust measures are in place to safeguard personal information, and financial transactions, and ensure a secure online gaming experience.
  3. Flexible Payment Options: Bet88 offers a variety of flexible payment options, providing convenience for players to manage their deposits and withdrawals including Gcash, Paymaya, Grabpay, USDT, Bank Transfer, etc.
  4. Immersive Gaming Experience: Elevate your online Baccarat experience with Bet88’s immersive features. Enjoy background music and sound effects that add excitement and authenticity to your gameplay. Immerse yourself in the thrill of Baccarat like never before.
  5. Convenient: Bet88 prioritizes convenience, allowing players to access online Baccarat from the comfort of their homes. Enjoy the flexibility of playing anytime, anywhere, making it a convenient choice for those seeking an engaging and accessible gaming platform.

Mastering the Basics of Baccarat

mastering the basics of baccarat

Baccarat, a popular online game, unfolds with decks of 52 cards, ranging from six to eight decks. Players predict which hand, the Player or Banker, will emerge victorious or if a tie will occur.

Valuing the Hand 

The hand’s value equals the sum of its cards, with only the last digit considered. For instance, a hand with a 10 and 6 is worth 6 points. Cards 2 to 9 hold their face value, while Ace is worth one point, and 10, King, Queen, and Jack collectively amount to zero.

Dealing Dynamics

  • Each hand initiates with two cards, and additional cards may be drawn based on specific rules.
  • Players with a sum of 6 or 7 require no extra cards.
  • The banker draws another card if the player stands on 5 or less and stands if the player stands on 6 or 7.
  • The banker receives a third card if the initial two cards total 2, 1, or 0, regardless of the player’s hand.
  • When the banker’s hand is full, and the player’s third card isn’t an 8, an additional card is drawn.
  • Players draw a new card if their third card is between 2 and 7, and the banker’s total is 4.
  • If the banker has five, and the player has 4–7 on their third card, an extra card is pulled.
  • For the banker’s sum to be 6, a player’s third card must be a 6 or 7, prompting another card for the banker.
  • The hand stands if the banker’s first two cards total 7.

Bet88 Available Live Baccarat Variations

bet88 available live baccarat variations

Bet88 offers some of the finest baccarat variations for gamblers of all kinds. Whatever you like, you can start playing that and earn impressive. The Bet88 live baccarat variations are as follows:

  • Lightning Baccarat: the variation has similar classic baccarat rules.
  • Sexy Baccarat: the variation further comes with two more sub-variations which are No Commission Baccarat and the Insurance Baccarat.

Lightning Baccarat

Lightning Baccarat, a live casino game by Evolution Gaming, adds an electrifying twist to the classic favored by James Bond and the European elite. While maintaining standard rules, the game intensifies faster, introducing multipliers and lucky numbers to captivate players.

How to Play Lightning Baccarat

Playing Lightning Baccarat at Stake Casino starts with understanding the basics of standard baccarat. Predict whether the player or banker hand will be closest to a value of 9, or bet on a tie. Card values range from 2 to 9, with face cards and 10s worth zero, and aces valued at one. Lightning Baccarat enhances the excitement by randomly selecting 1-5 cards with multipliers of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 8x, applying these to winning hands for multiplied payouts.

Live Casino Lightning Baccarat Gameplay

Evolution Gaming ensures an immersive experience with exceptional graphics and a real-life dealer overseeing the action. Lightning Baccarat unfolds on a genuine table, bringing the thrill of a casino to online players. The game’s unique feature involves pre-selecting numbers, and applying multipliers to potential winning hands. A 20% fee on the initial stake funds this lightning feature.

Multipliers and Betting Mechanics

Lightning Baccarat introduces the excitement of multipliers, offering 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 8x your stake for lucky numbers in winning hands. The standard baccarat payouts include 1:1 for a winning player’s hand, 1:1 for a winning banker’s hand with a 5% commission, and 8:1 for a winning tie bet. In Lightning Baccarat, the multiplier cards amplify the thrill by enhancing payouts in a captivating live casino setting.

Sexy Baccarat

Sexy Baccarat puts a seductive spin on the classic Baccarat game, where players face off against the banker. What sets Sexy Baccarat apart is the enticing element introduced by alluring dealers dressed in revealing attire, creating an atmosphere of allure. The game is played with 8 decks of cards and to play the game, we first understand the basics of the game.

Basics of Sexy Baccarat

Sexy Baccarat follows the same principles as traditional baccarat, where players aim to achieve a hand total closest to nine. Each player receives two cards initially, with the option to draw a third card based on specific rules. The key difference lies in the live dealer aspect, adding an element of excitement and interaction to the game.

Sexy Baccarat Game Rules

Understanding the scoring system is crucial in Sexy Baccarat. Cards are assigned point values, with Ace worth one point, cards 2-9 retaining their face value, and 10, Jack, Queen, and King valued at zero points. If the total value of the hand exceeds nine, the first digit is dropped, and the remaining digit determines the score. For instance, a hand consisting of a 7 and a 6 would have a total value of 13, but the score would be recalculated to 3.

Types of Bets in Sexy Baccarat

In Sexy Baccarat, players have the option to place various types of bets, including:

  • Betting on the Player: Predicting that the Player’s hand will have a higher score than the Banker’s.
  • Betting on the Banker: Anticipating that the Banker’s hand will outscore the Player’s.
  • Betting on a Tie: Wagering that both the Player and Banker will have the same score, resulting in a tie. Ties offer higher payouts but are less common.

Sexy Baccarat Betting Strategy

Developing a sound betting strategy is essential for success in Sexy Baccarat. While some players prefer to bet consistently on the Banker due to its slightly higher winning odds, others may opt for riskier bets on the Player or a Tie. Experimenting with different strategies and adapting to the flow of the game can enhance your overall gameplay experience.


Live Baccarat involves real human dealers conducting the game in real time through streaming. Players can interact, place bets, and experience the game’s excitement in a virtual environment.

Lightning Baccarat introduces faster-paced gameplay with random multipliers (2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 8x) applied to selected cards, offering enhanced payouts for winning hands.

Sexy Baccarat is a variant where attractive dealers in revealing attire host the game, adding a more seductive and alluring atmosphere to the classic Baccarat experience.


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of live Baccarat at Bet88, where the classic card game meets the excitement of real-time interaction. Certified by PAGCOR, our live Baccarat games feature professional dealers dealing the cards in a visually stunning environment. With background music and sound effects enhancing the immersive experience, Bet88 ensures a safe, secure, and entertaining platform for your Baccarat adventure. Join us and elevate your online gaming experience with the allure of live Baccarat action. Download the Bet88 app now!

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