Mines Game from JILI: Dig Bonuses and Win Grand Jackpot


Do you love action-packed games with explosions everywhere? Then here is the right place for you. Bet88 casino offers some of the trending and exciting games from JILI Games. The latest one on our platform is the Mines game. Want to explore a minefield and find the hidden treasures? Then register today at Bet88 and play this game to unlock exciting bonuses and rewards. Scroll down the page to know more about this game.

About Mines Game

about mines game

This is another fantastic addition by JILI Gaming to the world of online casino gambling. The game is equipped with rewarding multipliers and there is a playing field where 25 cells are present. Behind these cells, gold coins, bonus chests and bombs are hidden. When you open a cell, you get rewards while avoiding the hidden explosive mines. The game comes with a superb RTP of 97.4% and hence this is a game worth playing for. 

Understanding the Rules of the Mines Game 

understanding the rules of the Mines game

To master this game, it’s essential to grasp its mechanics and regulations. This game operates on a grid layout which is 5 x 5 (25 cells), where players strategically choose cells, each potentially containing valuable gems or hazardous mines. The goal is to uncover gem-filled cells while evading dangerous mines. Each revealed cell provides clues about neighboring mines, compelling players to make strategic choices, and weighing risks and rewards in their pursuit of victory.

Embrace the Challenges and Navigate the Risks

Jili Mines on Bet88 presents formidable challenges and risks. Concealed mines pose an ongoing threat, necessitating careful analysis and strategic planning. As players advance, the minefield grows more intricate, heightening suspense and excitement. The possibility of encountering a mine injects adrenaline into every selection, creating thrilling moments. Yet, with risks come rewards, and those who navigate the minefield adeptly enjoy the fruits of their bravery and tactical maneuvers.

Mines Game Features

Mines game features

Here are the features of this game that are useful while playing it:

  1. Autoplay Functionality: The game boasts an autoplay feature that allows players to set the number of mines and choose lucky tiles. Once configured, the game automatically progresses according to the player’s preferences, with results displayed at the end of the autoplay session.
  2. Random Selections: Players can opt for random selections, where they specify the number of mines before placing their bets. The game then takes control, determining which tiles to step on, providing a hands-off approach for players seeking unpredictability.
  3. Cashout Option: Players have the flexibility to cash out at any point, even after taking just one step on the grid. This feature enables players to manage their risk and secure potential winnings based on their intuition and game progress.

Tips to Win at Mines Game

tips to win at Mines game

The below tips might help you understand the game and improve your winnings:

  • Analytical Approach: Before making a move, carefully analyze the grid and the clues revealed in each cell. These clues offer insights into neighboring mines, helping players make informed decisions to avoid explosive mines.
  • Strategic Planning: Develop a systematic strategy, such as starting from the corners or edges of the grid and progressing towards the center. This method allows for gradual exploration while minimizing the risk of encountering mines.
  • Calculated Risks: Embrace bravery and calculated risk-taking in this game. Trust your instincts while evaluating the potential rewards against the likelihood of encountering mines. Take measured risks to maximize rewards while staying cautious.
  • Continuous Learning: Dedicate time to practice and learn from both successful and unsuccessful gameplay experiences. Familiarize yourself with game mechanics, study effective strategies, and continuously improve your skills to enhance your chances of success.
  • Exploration of Bonus Features: Keep an eye out for Bet88’s bonus features and promotions that can enhance your gameplay. These may include extra lives, hints, or multiplier opportunities, providing additional advantages as you navigate the minefield.


To play this game, simply access the game from the gaming menu and place your bets. Once the game starts, strategically select tiles on the grid, aiming to uncover gems while avoiding explosive mines. Use the clues provided in the revealed cells to make informed decisions and progress through the game.

Yes, the platform allows players to cash out at any point during the game, even after uncovering just one tile on the grid. This feature gives players flexibility and control over their gameplay experience, allowing them to secure potential winnings based on their judgment.

To increase your chances of winning, adopt strategic gameplay approaches such as analyzing the grid for clues, planning your moves systematically, and taking calculated risks based on available information. Additionally, continuous practice and learning from gameplay experiences can help enhance your skills and strategies.


Mines Game offers an exciting blend of chance and strategy, making it a thrilling option for players on Bet88. By employing analytical thinking, strategic planning, and calculated risk-taking, players can enhance their chances of success in navigating the minefield and uncovering precious gems while avoiding explosive mines. With continuous practice and exploration of bonus features, players can maximize their enjoyment and potential winnings in this game. Download the Bet88 app now!

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